Vertigo angustior Jeffreys 1830 - Schlanke Windelschnecke
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Vertigo angustior - Foto: V. Wiese

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Status quo (red dots: data newer than 2000):
Vertigo angustior in central Europe exhibits a remarkable ecological diversity. Often it prefers wet meadows and also tolerates slight grazing (e.g. rabbits). It is often living in microhabitats where different biotopes are intergrading (such as the border between a reed and a moist meadow). On the other hand it is living in dry and warm habitats such as dry woods. This ecological ambivalence should be studied in the future in order to understand whether V. angustior is as highly specialized as some of the other Vertigo-species. V. angustior is one of the smallest European landsnails, less than 2 mm in length and very hard to collect in the field, especially at localities settled by colonies of very low densities. In Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg quite a number of old localities are known but according to the first recent studies the species today is obviously missing at most of these spots. A bit more than a dozen recent populations are known in Schleswig-Holstein (most of them near the seashore). The knowledge of V. angustior is still quite poor in Schleswig-Holstein. Vertigo angustior seems to be threatened by extinction in northernmost Germany. In eastern and southern Germany are some localities known where it is still present in large numbers. 

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